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To all those who were in my room tonight

I finally got the internet working, and in two seconds managed to find the video for Fish Heads. I have it on my laptop all ready to go, so if you would like to see it, just come by (room 321) and I will show it to you. (I would just link to it, but the weird hotel internet is not giving me the address.)

The name of the group is Barnes and Barnes, and the video is awesome and strange (and it's Bill Mumy circa 1978, so you have to see it). (ok, and honestly, I want to be there when you do.)
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Hi all,

We're off to the liquor store at 20 Bloor Street East. We'll be back in rm 320 by about 5pm, so swing on by if you're trying to figure out what to do tonight. There's talk of dinner and the Daniel MacIvor play!

ETA: We'll be meeting in the lobby at 6:30pm to go to into west Toronto for the play and dinner.
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Good Morning!

Morning everyone!

It's about 10:30am. We'll probably get organized and head out to do whatever at around 11am, so drop by 320 and we'll figure out how we want to break ourselves up for the day.

I think one group might go to the Harbourfront and explore the parks and green spaces along Lake Ontario. There's also a Hot & Spicy Food Festival happening down at the Quay, so if you're hungry or feeling adventurous that might be a good option. You can take the subway at St. George Station south to Union Station, and Queen's Quay is about ten minute walk south. Make sure you do bring your walking shoes, and remember to wear sunscreen!

Another group wants to head out to the Bata Shoe Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum (both just down the street from our hotel) and check out the exhibits on arts & crafts, costumes, Canadian culture and natural history. Later tonight there are lots of things to do: dinner in small groups, clubbing adventures, a Daniel MacIvor play and a writing workshop. Lots of options, folks! See you in room 320!
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Thursday Arrivals

Hi all,

I'll be up at the hotel at 11am and hanging out with etcetera_cat, qe2, bohemian__storm and _unhurt_. The official check-in time at the hotel isn't until 3pm but most places are pretty flexible about that, so as soon as I have my room number I'll post it here so you folks can drop by, check in and get your HCL ticket before we head down to the venue.

Please note: the Holiday Inn where we're staying is really close to the St. George subway stop. If you're coming in from the airport, the shuttle will drop you across from Union Station; you can easily take the subway up to the St. George stop, get off, and head exactly a half-block west to our hotel. I'm still a bit stunned that it's so close. Please see meresy's post on transportation for more information about your travel options.

I will see most of you in 12 HOURS! \o/ If you have any questions I'll be checking my email frequently tomorrow morning and afternoon. (meresy was right - I really should have a cell phone. /nos\)

early arrivals?

so, i actually get in wednesday (because of cheaper flight plus fear of delays - *quiver*). is anyone around from then? (our room is probably not in the block as the place was pretty full when i booked, so i am unlikely to fall over people in the corridor)

i think i land in toronto at... 12:30? ish? local time on wednesday. and assuming canadian immigration is slightly less evil than the usa version (the land persons between seattle and vancouver were ok), and that air canada (they had better serve moose burgers or pemmican or i will be highly disappointed btw) don't lose my checked baggage, i guess i could be at the hotel by A Time About Dinner Time Ish Maybe Perhaps? my bag is big and orange. i will appear jet lagged and confused. and i have a phone that - allegedly, sometimes intermittently when O2 are being arses - works in north america and might function if you call or text. i LIKE texts and FEAR INCOMING CALLS 0044 7921 079 387.
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What to Expect When You're Expecting...Toronto! Weather Conditions and Info About the Dollar

Hi all!

Just a head's up on the weather situation in Toronto. The weather network is calling for lower(ish) temps for Thursday and Friday (between 71-77F, or 22-25C in real temperatures) and sunny with scattered showers on Saturday and possibly Sunday.

It'll start warming up over the weekend, and it might feel like the mid-80s (30s) on Saturday and Sunday. So, a little chilly on HCL night, warmer on Friday, warm (and probably very humid) over the weekend. I do suggest you pack an umbrella and comfortable walking shoes as well as sandals. Toronto is experiencing one of the wettest summers on record right now, and we'll probably be out and about quite a bit on the weekend, since Sunday in particular is a great day for pedestrian sight-seeing/shopping in Kensington Market and Church Street (Toronto's queer district). High winds aren't in the forecast and it sounds like it'll be warm and humid, so your umbrella will work and you probably won't have much fun in a raincoat. But, hey, maybe a fetching poncho will make an appearance in your con gift bag :-)

A note for you UK types: etcetera_cat thought I ought to point out that bank machines (cash stops, ATMs, cash points, etc) give you a few additional options in Canada that you may not be used to seeing in the UK. When you're taking out cash, you want to select the "chequing" option rather than "savings." Most restaurants and shops do have Interac (automatic withdrawal by debit) and I'd assume you'd also want to select the "chequing" option there. In addition, our bank notes are all coloured like GBP notes, but they're different denominations. It might be a little disorienting, so check your bills carefully before handing them over. You Yanks, on the other hand, should be prepared to go into shock when you see coloured bills :-) The dollar is pretty much on par ($1USd = $1.06Cnd) so things might be a little cheaper, but not by much.

TWO DAYS, GUYS! Who's insanely excited? Apparently I AM, because I am all about the weather and the dollar exchange. /is nerdy
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Directions to the Revue

zabira wanted instructions on how to hike yourself to the Revue on Thursday if you're not travelling with the main pack of fangirls. I promise the hardest part is finding St. George Station! After that, easy.


Take yourself east of the hotel to St. George Station and hop on a westbound train. Ride up to Dundas West Station, detrain and go up on the street. Figure out which way is south and walk that way on Roncesvalles Ave. until you find the theatre. Following the squee probably works in this instance.