August 2nd, 2008

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So, my roomies and I totally booked our room before we heard about the HCL screening, and we booked it starting Friday. Is there anyone who has a spare bit of space for me on Thursday night? (The other two are sorted.) I have a sleeping bag if necessary and I've been assured I don't snore. I would heart you FOREVER.

ETA: Sorted, thank you, lamentables! <3
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Purchasing Tickets for the HCL Screening

The sharp-eyed zabira saw an announcement on Facebook about tickets for the HCL screening. It looks like tickets became available for advanced purchase today. Given that the Revue Cinema, where we need to buy tickets, will probably be closed on Sunday and Monday (which is a civic holiday here in Ontario) I'm planning to go up to Toronto on Tuesday to buy our tickets for the screening.

Okay! So tickets are $12 Cnd, and I'll buy a block to ensure that everyone gets in to the screening who wants to go. Given the recent poll numbers, it looks like about 20 people will be in Toronto on Thursday, April 14th for the 7pm musical performances/film screening/director's Q&A. If you can send your $12 admission fee via PayPal before Tuesday, please shoot it over to ASAP. If PayPal doesn't work for you, or you won't have access to your funds in time, you can either a) give me cash when you arrive in Canadaland or b) send a cheque via snail-mail (email me at for my address info).

Please confirm your request for a screening ticket and indicate your method of payment in the poll Collapse )

ETA: Could you please include your LJ username as a note in your PayPal payment? There are a few folks whose email addresses I don't recognize, and it'll help me keep things organized. Thanks, guys!