August 7th, 2008

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CanCon Schedule of Events and Local Attractions

Hi all,

I've done up a very, very, VERY broad schedule for our mini-con. I've blocked out the days with stuff that we're all going to do (the HCL screening, the catered breakfast, the pizza party/fannish media screening) and I've also included some stuff that we might want to do as a big group, or as a few smaller groups. You'll all probably figure out what you want to do on your own, but I've grouped some of the Toronto attractions by area/availability, so you can hit a bunch of museums in one day without having to go all over the city, or do all the good pedestrian market stuff on Sunday. If you do decide you want to check out the Canadian National Exhibition I recommend you do so on either Sunday or early on Friday, since it's sort of an all-day thing.

There is doubtlessly stuff I've left off the list, and if nothing here appeals to you and you've made your own plans, please feel free to let folks know in the comments to this post. I've put up a copy of the schedule in Google Docs. Anyone can edit this copy, so if you want to add in some events, or let people know where you'll be at a given time, please feel free to make whatever changes you like to the schedule.

secretlybronte has been a major superstar and put together a list of attractions, restaurants and interesting little shopping places near our hotel. You can download the document here [right click, save as] or grab your own copy of the con schedule here [right click, save as]. I'll also send out an email with the documents as attachments.


ETA: All of the locations/attractions listed on the con schedule are easily accessible by public transit, or within walking distance of our hotel. You can find more information about Toronto public transit (including cheaper day pass options) in meresy's post.
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Will-Call List for HCL Tribute Night

In the interests of organising everyone's admission to the party, I have contacted one of the event organizers about leaving tickets and a call list at the door/box office so folks who are late getting to Toronto can get themselves into the theatre. I think it's in everyone's best interests to have their tickets in the same place to pick up so we don't lose anyone.

Those of us getting in earlier in the day will probably be leaving for Roncesvalles around 5pm in order to get to the Revue on time and score decent seats, but that's to early for many of you.

My contact person says the box office will likely be open even if the event is sold out and that she'd look into setting up a list. I don't know what the time frame is like -- and I suspect doors close during the movie -- but I'll let you know when she gets back to me.

So, if you are one of the people who will be arriving late please email me your actual, forrealz name at meresy at gmail dot com so I can have something to give these fine folks organising this awesome time for us. If you do not do this, I won't know how many tickets to leave and who to leave them for and that would be sad.

I promise to use this information only for great justice good.