August 12th, 2008

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What to Expect When You're Expecting...Toronto! Weather Conditions and Info About the Dollar

Hi all!

Just a head's up on the weather situation in Toronto. The weather network is calling for lower(ish) temps for Thursday and Friday (between 71-77F, or 22-25C in real temperatures) and sunny with scattered showers on Saturday and possibly Sunday.

It'll start warming up over the weekend, and it might feel like the mid-80s (30s) on Saturday and Sunday. So, a little chilly on HCL night, warmer on Friday, warm (and probably very humid) over the weekend. I do suggest you pack an umbrella and comfortable walking shoes as well as sandals. Toronto is experiencing one of the wettest summers on record right now, and we'll probably be out and about quite a bit on the weekend, since Sunday in particular is a great day for pedestrian sight-seeing/shopping in Kensington Market and Church Street (Toronto's queer district). High winds aren't in the forecast and it sounds like it'll be warm and humid, so your umbrella will work and you probably won't have much fun in a raincoat. But, hey, maybe a fetching poncho will make an appearance in your con gift bag :-)

A note for you UK types: etcetera_cat thought I ought to point out that bank machines (cash stops, ATMs, cash points, etc) give you a few additional options in Canada that you may not be used to seeing in the UK. When you're taking out cash, you want to select the "chequing" option rather than "savings." Most restaurants and shops do have Interac (automatic withdrawal by debit) and I'd assume you'd also want to select the "chequing" option there. In addition, our bank notes are all coloured like GBP notes, but they're different denominations. It might be a little disorienting, so check your bills carefully before handing them over. You Yanks, on the other hand, should be prepared to go into shock when you see coloured bills :-) The dollar is pretty much on par ($1USd = $1.06Cnd) so things might be a little cheaper, but not by much.

TWO DAYS, GUYS! Who's insanely excited? Apparently I AM, because I am all about the weather and the dollar exchange. /is nerdy

early arrivals?

so, i actually get in wednesday (because of cheaper flight plus fear of delays - *quiver*). is anyone around from then? (our room is probably not in the block as the place was pretty full when i booked, so i am unlikely to fall over people in the corridor)

i think i land in toronto at... 12:30? ish? local time on wednesday. and assuming canadian immigration is slightly less evil than the usa version (the land persons between seattle and vancouver were ok), and that air canada (they had better serve moose burgers or pemmican or i will be highly disappointed btw) don't lose my checked baggage, i guess i could be at the hotel by A Time About Dinner Time Ish Maybe Perhaps? my bag is big and orange. i will appear jet lagged and confused. and i have a phone that - allegedly, sometimes intermittently when O2 are being arses - works in north america and might function if you call or text. i LIKE texts and FEAR INCOMING CALLS 0044 7921 079 387.