August 14th, 2008

classic fishie

Thursday Arrivals

Hi all,

I'll be up at the hotel at 11am and hanging out with etcetera_cat, qe2, bohemian__storm and _unhurt_. The official check-in time at the hotel isn't until 3pm but most places are pretty flexible about that, so as soon as I have my room number I'll post it here so you folks can drop by, check in and get your HCL ticket before we head down to the venue.

Please note: the Holiday Inn where we're staying is really close to the St. George subway stop. If you're coming in from the airport, the shuttle will drop you across from Union Station; you can easily take the subway up to the St. George stop, get off, and head exactly a half-block west to our hotel. I'm still a bit stunned that it's so close. Please see meresy's post on transportation for more information about your travel options.

I will see most of you in 12 HOURS! \o/ If you have any questions I'll be checking my email frequently tomorrow morning and afternoon. (meresy was right - I really should have a cell phone. /nos\)