Tarnish notte the majesty of my TOWER of HATS (meresy) wrote in can_con2008,
Tarnish notte the majesty of my TOWER of HATS

Getting down to the wire!

Tags: admin, hcl tribute night

  • Directions to the Revue

    zabira wanted instructions on how to hike yourself to the Revue on Thursday if you're not travelling with the main pack of fangirls. I…

  • Ohhhh, excitement.

    I want it to be Thursday noooooooooooow! In other news, apparently tickets are being held for the door, in case anyone has extra people they know…

  • Will-Call List for HCL Tribute Night

    In the interests of organising everyone's admission to the party, I have contacted one of the event organizers about leaving tickets and a call list…

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