undercover-undiscovered-underutilised-underwear (_unhurt_) wrote in can_con2008,

early arrivals?

so, i actually get in wednesday (because of cheaper flight plus fear of delays - *quiver*). is anyone around from then? (our room is probably not in the block as the place was pretty full when i booked, so i am unlikely to fall over people in the corridor)

i think i land in toronto at... 12:30? ish? local time on wednesday. and assuming canadian immigration is slightly less evil than the usa version (the land persons between seattle and vancouver were ok), and that air canada (they had better serve moose burgers or pemmican or i will be highly disappointed btw) don't lose my checked baggage, i guess i could be at the hotel by A Time About Dinner Time Ish Maybe Perhaps? my bag is big and orange. i will appear jet lagged and confused. and i have a phone that - allegedly, sometimes intermittently when O2 are being arses - works in north america and might function if you call or text. i LIKE texts and FEAR INCOMING CALLS 0044 7921 079 387.

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